Simple C# file upload example


I’m new to ASP.NET and am looking for an example of a C# script which does the following:

  1. Allows users to insert text into a form on a web page.
  2. Allows users to browse for an image in the same form.
  3. Upon submission the form needs to write the text data to a database, and the image needs to be resized and stored on the server.
  4. A progress bar would be a bonus, but not essential.

I can find snippets of code to do parts of this, but my lack of knowledge makes it difficult for me to get these working, so ideally I’m looking for a simple download of all of the necessary files so I can dissect it and see how it all works together.

Thanks for any pointers folks…

And please, visit the following locations:

Thanks Mike, that’s a good resource, but it does assume that I know how to programme with code-behind files and set up ASP.NET projects, which I don’t at the moment. If I could just see all this in action it would give me a good idea of how it all works. There seems to be a real gap in the market for ultra-simple total beginners sample ASP.NET projects where you can download the working code, well executed and well structured, and pull it apart to get a real hands-on feel for how it works.

I do appreciate the resources though, and I’ll probably just get stuck in a see if I can build something based on the codeproject example.