Simple and interactive dashboard


I’m a beginner in web development and I’m trying to develop an interactive web page (displaying a dashboard) with HTML and JavaScript at the client side and Go at the server side (the go server calls multiple APIs and manages the data) as a RESTful API. The data contains spendings and earnings generated by ads per country about multiple mobile apps.

Here’s an example of what it would look like:

I’m doing it this way because I had problems with CORS when I only used JS to directly call the APIs from which I need to get the data.

At the client side, I’m thinking about using a table with a combo box and two text input fields (plus a validation button): - combo box: allows us to display the data about the selected app or all the apps without any restriction; - text input fields: we specify here the date range of the data we want to display on the table.

Everytime, the value of the combo box is changed or a new date range is validated by the user, the table is re-drawn and replaces the previous one according to the filters.

(I also tried looking at Google Charts but it doesn’t look like I can achieve what I want to do with it)

Concerning the client side, do you think there are things I should do differently ? Things I can improve ?

Thanks in advance for your advice ! :slight_smile:

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