Simple Alternative to Yahoo Groups

I have a friend who runs a Yahoo Group but is frustrated with the fact that email notifications don’t always come throught to subscribers and various other annoyances. He is now looking for an alternative that has all the same functions - like how people can reply via email, receive anything that is posted (not just certain threads as in a forum), easy to use, etc. It should also be free (it’s a charity) and simple to set up (I am not setting it up for him so it needs to have no coding involved). Anybody used any rival services that you can recommend?

Any help much appreciated.



try GMAIL groups. The are the same as Yahoo.

Thanks, I’ll check it out.

After getting more dissatisfied with YahooGroups, I changed to TikiWiki. It has all the same functions. However, it needs some webspace to run on.

Have a look at my installation:


While searching I found this website…

Now the service is free. I don’t know whether it is good or bad…Need to check it out