Simon Fraser University

My high school grades are:

Pre-Calculus 12: 85%
Social Justice 12: 95%
Geography 12: 96%
English 12: 79%
Law 12: 89%

Do you think I have a good shot at getting? My main goal is Beedie and if I don’t get in then I wanna do an internal transfer from arts. Is that hard to do?


btw i posted this before but my grades were estimated at the time and they were lower than I expected…

Yes, u have a shot masterroshi :wink: Goodluck with that

If you haven’t heard this already, visit the schools you want to get into, submit an application (after visiting, they tend to knock off the $50 application fee–just ask them), then submit applications to at least three schools–the one you really want, a second school that you like, and a third fallback option that you know you can get into.

As a side note, keep in mind that this is a web development forum, and you won’t likely receive advice that’s too extensive. You best bet is to talk to your school advisors and guidance counselors, and the admissions offices of the colleges you are looking at.