Silk browser on Amazon Fire - javascript, slick carousel issues?

I have a website which I thought was working fine, but have just found problems viewing certain pages on the Silk browser on a new Amazon Fire.
For example - - fancybox doesn’t get implemented (on image click) and there’s no dialog box on adding to basket. I’m guessing it failed to load any javascript.
On the gallery page - - fancybox works fine, so javascript obviously loaded ok.
Obvious difference is the menu pages include a slick carousel - Could that be the culprit?

Unfortunately I don’t have access to the Amazon Fire now, so can’t even test any more, and I can’t work out how to replicate the problem.

Does anyone have any experience of Silk issues? Does it use webkit? What other browser is it most similar to?

Any advice appreciated … thanks

Ahh, think I have found it. Opera mini was doing the same until I removed async defer. Hopefully that’s done the trick for Silk too.

Would be grateful if anyone out there could test it for me ?

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