Signup button no error message when I click

Good morning,

I have a problem with my form when I click on the signup button it does not display an error message even though it should display this message.

Do you have an idea ?


.error show {
    opacity: 1;

needs to be this {
    opacity: 1;

The first is trying to select a show element inside an element with the class attached to it.

The second selects any element that has both the error and the show classes attached.

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that’s good, thank you very much

on the other hand I added the other conditions and it doesn’t work and I don’t understand why?

Just based on the codepen, you messed some stuff up

  • The click event listener is missing a closing parenthesis (})
  • The field name for phone number wasn’t changed on the copy/paste, so the number check fails.
  • You removed the showFormError method

You can find the “fixed” version here:

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great, thank you very much, everything works now

I finished my form and it doesn’t work in my console, I get no results?

do you have an idea ?

here is the final version

I see an error on your console. You missed the second item on the list I gave you above.

in fact here is the good version and it does not work I get no data in my console when I click on the signup button

    } else if (!tac.Checked) {

should be

    } else if (!tac.checked) {

javascript is case sensitive, so tac.Checked doesn’t exist but tac.checked does.

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ok thank you, I corrected it and it doesn’t work I get no results from the data sent to the console

I do. No changes - right out of the link

I made the modifications here is the link and when I click on signup I have no results

I don’t know what you keep doing, since it’s the same link each and every time.

This time the Checked/checked issue from post #10 is back.

I replaced Checked with checked as in your message.

and I did like this and it still doesn’t work.

I did otherwise via server.js

Are you looking in the browser console for errors? Codepen doesn’t show errors in the browser console due to the nature of the site. You need to look in the codepen console (bottom left button for me) where the error is apparent.

Not sure how to run firebase within codepen. That will take some research on your part.

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The reasons could be

Frontend Validation Missing: The form might not have any validation on the client side (JavaScript) to check for empty fields or invalid data formats before submitting the signup request.

Server-side Error Handling Issue: Even if the request reaches the server, the error handling on the server side might not be set up to send a specific error message back to the user.

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Thank you for your response, I look at the error message, is there a problem with my “express” import?

because I think that for this which is validation there is a problem but I really don’t see where.

Yes. The error the location is invalid as there’s no path information included.

Hence why I said I don’t know how to include the firebase stuff with codepen as it’s not going to be installed with your codepen so it can’t find it. Might want to do a search for firebase and codepen to see how to do the imports like that - my guess is it requires something in the settings and probably direct copy/pastes of those imported files, but I don’t know for sure.

I really don’t see how to do it, I’m stuck
I am following a tutorial with other people and we are blocked here is the link of the tutorial.