Signing over copyright to client

I have a good working relaitionship with my client. They want me to put in writing that all the design work I do for them they can use freely, and if they move on, they are able to take all the work I do for them with them. I am happy to do this, but I want the letter to be professional. Does anyone know a templated letter I could use along the lines of:

“I hereby assign copyright for all artistic and web-design carried out on behalf of … in its entirety and without prejudice to the company”…

It only needs to be a couple of sentences, but all I can think of is the above.


IANAL however I would use something like:

“I hereby assign to <client> all rights in respect to copyright to the work undertaken on <date>. This includes all artistic merit, code, images, media, content and related materials agreed upon in respect to the signed contractual agreement. This is provided on a non-exclusive basis without restriction or attribution and without association or implication (other than that set out) with the business in question. With exception only to materials I <your name> have no copyright to or have used through license of third party individuals, to which the existing license terms agreed upon remain in-tact and is passed onto you <client> to respect and maintain.”

The end bit covers if you use open source, third party, outsourced or commercial bits. :slight_smile:

Thanks Alex, perfect!