I have been a member since January, and decided to visit today, and start posting, I just noticed this forum again. I noticed you have a rule that says 90 days for a signature which means I should be able to have one now.

Is there a post count thing as well, is that why I can’t?


I didn’t do anything but I’m glad it’s working. :slight_smile:

Thank you to whoever fixed it. Its working now.

Hi I wonder i you could help me too. I have the same problem. I joined on Nov 11, 2009 but have only just started posting. When I go to the edit signature link above it tells me I’m not allowed to have one.

Oh Cool!

We don’t close threads (unless they turn nasty) :slight_smile:

Working now - you can close the thread.

Hi Caleb and welcome back.
I will check your exact registration date and there is no minimum post count for sigs.

Jan 8th = 132 days…

follow this link:
It is in your My SitePoint link at the top of the page.
You should be able to put your sig in now.