Signature effect

I want to know that if I use signature keyword bold or italic or colored than what is its effect? Can it help in getting more back links?

Im not sure about the bold part but if you have your keywords in the signature link, if the forum allows then this helps with relevance of the link. Some forums only allow the actual http link to display

probably not as that is presentational and irrelevant to links.
Its more likely to attract the attention of a member if its bold/coloured but sig links hold very little value in the grand scheme of things.

If you use your signature keyword bold, italic or colored then it will gain more attention of the readers. People might find it interesting and attractive and click on it. And moreover search engines give preference to keywords which are bold, colored, italics, highlighted, etc. But for that you have to read the guidelines of the forums because most of the forums do not allow you to do this.


It just attracts the members.


Yes practically SEO has nothing relation with your bold or italic style. If you have signature link in relevant dofollow forum so you will get the backlink regardless which font style or color you are using.

It will attract more eyeballs but as far as links it won’t do too much. If you added an H2 tag to it then it might but other than that nothing will happen.

i don’t think it has any relevance fr the search engine whether it is bold or not. But for the visitors it has a visual impact…

Unless the forum has no-follow signatures of course, like SitePoint does :slight_smile:

It’s not helping for seo purpose. It’s only just attract and highlight the kw

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