Sign Up form page

I have form that has 3-4 field such as first name, email, re-type email and submit button. I am trying to figure out the way to make page more eye appealing beside having few of these input fields on the whole page,

Any suggestions?

Without seeing what you already have?

Do you have a link to the page in question so we can take a look at the layout?

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I just want to add another page with the simple form and not sure how to go about it…looking for ideas :slight_smile: …here is my site…

I was rather assuming that you had a page with the form in place, and were just looking for suggestions regarding the layout or background.

Well any of the current 2 pages i have I will copy and remove the content. I want to put few form fields that all.

Just seems like if I do that it will leave a lot of unused screen real estate

On a contact page I’d also expect to find information such as postal address (or office address, if you have one) and telephone.

That will fill up some of the space.

If it still looks a bit bare, you can add a couple of background images, but if people are trying to contact you, I’d expect them to be more interested in clearly-presented information and an easy-to-use form than in unnecessary decoration.

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