Sidebars not lining up at the top on 1 page

Hi everyone. This site is built using ecommerce templates. I am having an issue with 1 of the pages that I can’t seem to figure out. Basically, if you go here: you will see that the left and right sidebars are pushed down from the top of the site. I have made the center container that holds the text 500px so that it leaves room for the sidebars to slide up into position. If you look at this page for instance: you will see that I have made the center container 600px and the sidebars are at the top as they should be. Does anyone know what is preventing the sidebars on the thanks.php page from lining up at the top like the rest of the site?

Thanks in advance

On the page that is working you have floated the table right (the center column) and you have a large right margin on it also. Those styles are inline in the html.

Floats always need to come first in the source if they need to sit on the same line as non-floated blocks.

Good call man! Thanks to your response, it clued me in and I fixed it. Thank you very much :slight_smile: