Sidebar wrap getting in the way

Hello guys. I have started working on a site in wordpress and i am a bit new to it so here is my problem :

On pages in home page i have added a table and made it as wide as the content container because i need it to be above the content and sidebar. It has pushed the sidebar down under it. Then i made some new div’s for where i want my content to be and added some content to it but it again pushes my sidebar even further down because the whole content including the table on the top and all the divs where the content is for some reason is all inside #content-sidebar-wrap.

I would want to seperate the content from the #content-sidebar-wrap so that i can move the sidebar next to the content divs and under the table that is on the top of the page. I am clueless as to how to do this. If i move #content-sidebar-wrap it moves all the content on the page. How would i go about moving everything that is on the Home page out of the #content-sidebar-wrap.

I hope someone understands what i am asking. If anyone needs more clarification let me know and ill clarify.

Here is the link to the site:

Can anyone tell me how to move the sidebar to the right of the content and stop the #content-sidebar-wrap from streching the page ?

Ok since noone is answering i guess noone quite understood what i was trying to ask.

I am working on a website for the first time using wordpress with catalyst dynamik child theme and i have a problem.

The problem is that for some reason my content (all the content i add on a page using wordpress > pages is added inside #content-sidebar-wrap which also contains #sidebar-1-wrap (the sidebar) so i cant fit the sidebar next to the content because the content pushes it down and i cant manipulate #content-sidebar-wrap because all the content moves with it.

Can anyone tell me how to either remove the content from #content-sidebar-wrap or how to place the sidebar next to the content and stop #content-sidebar-wrap from streching my page.

If I amgetting your question right, you content is going in the right section… but your layout is breaking?
I notice that the sample page is working.

Assuming you didn’t change the width of any of the wraps or containers ( or added padding or margins)… I would start removing what i have bolded in the code bellow :

						</div><!-- end #content -->
[B]						<div style="clear:both;"></div>[/B]

Other than that you should make sure that the calculated width (that is padding+margin+width) of #content-wrap and the calculated width of #sidebar-1-wrap in not bigger than their IMMEDIATE container.

I hope that helps.

Thank you for the replay Dresden. I didnt understand what you were trying to say. I dont have <div style=“clear:both;”></div> anywhere.

I will try to clarify.

  1. The #sidebar-1-wrap. The problem i am having is the sidebar. As you can see on the page the sidebar (#sidebar-1-wrap) is positioned under the content but i would want it to stand beside the content (#home-content).

2.The #content-sidebar-wrap. I didnt add this container it is built into wordpress but the problem is that anything i add in wordpress -> pages -> Home page is for some reason placed inside the #content-sidebar-wrap but i have no idea why. The #content-sidebar-wrap is streching my page down because it contains the sidebar but starts at the top of the default wordpress content and i am clueless as to how i can change it so it doesent include all the content i place on the page. I would like it to only contain #sidebar-1-wrap and if i am correct i assume i can then place the sidebar next to the content and stop the div from extending my page.

  1. The sidebar position. I can for example set the following code to the #sidebar-1-wrap:
.home_page #sidebar-1-wrap {
	position: relative;
	top: -615px;
	left: 40px;

but there must be a better way. Also doing this doesent change the #content-sidebar-wrap. It still extends the page down as if the sidebar is still under the content. This would maybe work if i knew how to change the content so it isnt inside #content-sidebar-wrap but i see no way of doing it.

Someone help please before i blow my brains out.

actually, in this case Relative positioning will just make a mess of things. Look at your source code you have SEVERAL"<div style=“clear:both;”></div>" in your HTML ( at least at the link you provided) these are clearing your container and thus causing the drop.

Thank you again Dresden. as it turns out there was a bad piece of code left over from before i added anything to the content area that always pushed the sidebar down.

*me dumb :\

Thank you for your help ! Cheers :slight_smile: