Sidebar float breaks

On this site:

You can see that the sidebar area at the top is blank. When you scroll down the page, you’ll see it positioned well below its adjacent sibling.

Is there a setting I can apply to the sidebar div to prevent this?

Perhaps validate the page first, as you might have some unclosed divs or something. As it stands, the aside is way down the order of the html … probably not what you intended.

Thanks Ralph, validation does show some issues that I’m addressing. I’m just trying to determine if there’s a CSS setting I can apply to the sidebar that will help prevent the wrap despite the markup issues introduced into the content.

The site owner has carte blanche on the content and may very well introduce markup into the main content container that is invalid. I’m just trying to minimize the adverse effects as much as possible at the template/css level.

CSS wise? No.

Just take that sidebar HTML and place it before the <div class=“main”> in the HTML. Although please do fix up those validation errors too ;).

I had a stray div tag in my markup.

Note to self: Trust the validater. Trust the validater. Trust the validater.