Sidebar Display Problem


I’m frustrated by a sidebar display problem. My new blog has ome fixed elements (Boots by Brand, Boots By Style, Faux Fur Boots Scoop) hich I hardwired into it. The next section is just comprised of the dynamic sidebar widgets.

Issue 1:

The Recent Posts element is a H2 which is suppossed to just be a sidebar label and not clickable.

Issue 2:

In IE, the third and fourth articles liste under Scoop do not have bullets listed next to them even though they are unordered LI list items

Issue 3:

In FF, the Recent Posts label appears in black and should be orange. In IE, it shows up as the right color (Orange), but is still clickable
which it shouldn’t be.

I’m sure all these issues are related to some unordered list issue, but I can’t find it for the life of me.

The site can be found here:

Any Help Appreciated


you didn’t close the anchor tags for the last three list items under Faux Fur Boot Scoop.

Much appreciated / that did the trick! Sometimes, you can’t see the trees through the code forest