Sick and tired of 'Wordpress v Blogger' threads

I am so sick and tired of all the ‘Wordpress v Blogspot’ threads.

That’s all, I’m just venting.

You’re right, how could I forget them.

But there are really three very different things to compare:

Wordpress (free hosting) vs Blogspot vs Wordpress (paid hosting)

droople and jumla, let’s not forget them

we simply must know what everyone prefers!!!


What about Expression Engine, anyone using that? How about Movable Type :stuck_out_tongue:

What about the nukes: phpnuke, postnuke, nuke-evolution, nuke-discontrol …?

No Nukes! :stuck_out_tongue:

Wordpress and blogger is the best site to create blog.except those site you can create blog in live journal,multiply are also best.

I rest my case.

Some people just don’t read what is already written in a thread before posting do they. You have been extremely kind to Smithroxy with that comment as a response to the totally inappropriate coment that they made.

There are really many blogging sites.:slight_smile:

What about
Mac v Pc
Dreamweaver v Notepad
Css v Tables

Whose the biggest anal retentive etc

What about now IE v FF v Chrome? :stuck_out_tongue:

There is no CSS vs Tables - it is either semantic HTML vs garbage HTML or the pros and cons of using the CSS table commands that IE7 and earlier don’t support.

vs Safari vs Opera vs Lynx vs Amaya …

And what about Nodofollow Vs Dofollow Blogging :?

and the list of versus goes on and on.

Senopods are very good.

And don’t forget the ever popular Ginger vs Mary Ann

If WordPress was built with tables, with a completely flash based admin, it would still be WAY better than all other blog systems. No, actually all other CMS’ ever built.

… that should get a couple of fires started.