Shutting down a website?

Is there a place that you can complain about a website or even have it shut down if it went that far?
This Website had my resume posted with my home address for all to see! I know it wasn’t me who created an account and posted my resume, because I never, ever post my home address on a resume online. The only thing I can think is they advertised themselves as a company and tricked me into sending my resume; the few times I ever send it with my address. Usually I just put my county on. Or, could it be they hacked my system and got it? I know that’s a stretch. :smiley: They even have my name on the URL which I disabled. I had to ask for an password via email. So how do I make head’s role?

I’m in doubt too… Ok. I’m moving it because I think it will have more attention there.


Keep us posted with how it goes please.

I wonder if this thread is better suited for the Business and Legal forum.


Send a DCMA takedown notice to Google, explain to them that their using your information without your consent illegally, using you to represent their business (without permission) and violating data protection laws. Google are pretty good at slamming down hard on scammers, phishers and sites containing malicious or copyright infringing materials. If their not in Google people won’t find them and think you’re with them. :slight_smile:

Have you contacted the website to tell them they should take it offline?

Yes I have. I contacted them via phone and email. It’s just one individual from another country running a scam. I did contact the better business bureau too.