Showing advertizement when it is loading

I have a page at

There are 3 buttons in the center of the top
They are advertizement button, intro button, and menu button.

I like to make it like the following.

The page at which is added “active” in the class of menu1 is one of my trials for it.
The menu1 button is activated when it is loading, but the contents “advertizement” is not shown when it is loading.

I like to make it the contents “advertizement” is shown when it is loading with your help.

You also need to add a class of show on the advert div.

Add active here as you have done:

<div data-destination="menu1" class="button active">

And then add a class of show here:

<div class="menu hide show" id="menu1">advertizement</div>

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