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Delighted to reach level 2 and have the opportunity to showcase my personal project I have been working on, I still have a long way to go to catch the likes of trip advisor but I’m getting there slowly and would be extremely grateful to anyone that has any advice that will help me get where I need to be…

My website is all about the Spanish Costas and Islands, I am based in Alicante in Spain and try my best to promote tourism to the country, the way I see things, the more that come here the more money there is for everyone…

Reason for Creation.
As I mention above, the main reason is to attract tourism but it’s also been useful for developing my skills in SEO, Marketing and Web Development generally…

Challenges Involved.
Despite 8 years as a designer with pretty good knowledge of coding my biggest challenge as it probably is for most is trying to generate the traffic to my site as tourism is one of the most competitive niches. I find myself now competing with not only Designers and SEO’s but what seems like the entire holiday industry…

Likes and Dislikes.
I like the design and usability of the website and try my best to make it as informative as possible for potential visitors. My only real dislike is my bounce rate which can exceed 70% at times, this worries me a lot and I’ve tried so many different things to keep visitors on my site, I would be grateful for any tips that may help me address that issue.

With regards to improvements I am always looking to improve the quality of my website, my recent articles I believe are much better than my competitors but I need to improve many of my earlier articles. I would dearly love to get my bounce rate down also…

My link is below my name, thanks so much for anyone that visits and recommends improvements.

Wes Dunn
Spanish Costas

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Nice clean looking site with lots of information without a lot of distracting adverts.

One thing I noticed straight away when looking at the Penion photo was the lack of alt text on the images which is not good for accessibility. Using a accessibility checker there were a few other problems, may be a good thing to address for the people you are trying to reach.
I probably would not have chopped the top off the Penion; check out liquid image resize/scale ( content aware scaling in Photoshop ) as you could probably “squish” the height without distorting the photo to much.

I like the photos as they are bright and colourful and look of good quality; personally I like to add a small border around photos as it helps them stand out from the page.

One advert I noticed was for Victoria brides and I do not know if this is a good advert for a family type website.

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great advice @WebMachine, thanks so much for taking the time to visit and give an opinion, @rubble pointed some things out for me earlier which I am repairing now, it’s strange, sometimes you need more experts eyes to point out problems that I have not noticed before, I will take your advice and resolve these problems…

Thanks again…

Wes Dunn

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This is a very attractive, informative site. I really liked the fact that the home page actually has useful content on it (not like a lot of modern websites whose homepages often consist only of huge ‘hero’ images and short catchy phrases. Well done!

You could make the site even more professional looking if you watch out for the quality of some of the graphics, such as the two in the right hand sidebar. These are a little fuzzy to me, and this really shows up in the second image with the tiny font size.

This is especially important with the site title. Have you tried making the logo part a vector graphic, and then finding a font that matches the words, and actually using text here instead of all image?

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