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Mine does. Some of the other functions I’m not so sure about, but my usage is rather lightweight at best.

@s_molinari My PHP development tool is notepad++ and my brain. Cause usually i’ve written half the code in there before even starting to type.

NetBeans here as well, with standard skin so it’s very similar to the screenshot above. I like this IDE a lot and the only thing that is driving me crazy is the forced and broken auto-indent in certain situations like html files.

Anyone using Notepad++. just for SnGs, you should really try Netbeans, being it is also free. The only thing that might be a stumbling block at first is how to create a project. But, once you get it down, it becomes an advantage and that is just the start.


I’ve got that installed as well (and Sublime), but haven’t yet found an imperative to move over to it as yet.

If it doesn’t come with something, chances are good you can find or write your own plugin for it.

I used plain notepad (yes, plain) for years. Not the best for productivity but a harsh effective teacher.

Then I moved to Notepad++ for several years.

Just recently I started using IntelliJ IDEA
I am especially enjoying it’s “find” and the ease with which it handles GitHub transactions.
It starts up a bit slower than Notepad++ (which I still often use) but for certain tasks it might be a better way.

I use Notepad++ and Sublime.

I tend to switch between a lot of languages – PHP, Perl, Python, C++, JavaScript, Linux shell, Windows batch, and probably others I’m forgetting – so a language-specific editor isn’t for me.

I can find function definitions for all the above languages very quickly with just google, so I don’t feel any aching need for the editor to do that for me. Plus the information I need often isn’t as simple as “what are the arguments.” Often I need the full description that explains what the function does and what it returns under which circumstances. Or often I need to skim through related functions that do similar jobs to make sure I’m using the most appropriate one.

I also don’t like when the notion of a project is joined at the hip with a particular editor. I encounter this a lot with Visual Studio, whose project configuration files aren’t easily human editable, so you generally have no choice but to use Visual Studio as your editor for Visual Studio projects. I’d much prefer that every person could use any editor they want, and for that to happen, the editor can’t be responsible for project settings or build steps.

Mine’s just your run of the mill PhpStorm, nothing fancy, some MD helpers installed as plugins but that’s more or less it.

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I use Sublime as well. This is the theme I was talking about in the other topic where I was saying that I actually liked. It’s a free theme from a website I can’t remember, but the whole center of the theme in the editor is from the original owner. The color scheme from the file name to the orange “changed” file cross to the color of the replace tools, I actually did those. However, the icons for the theme was from a different different source. So you could say it’s a collaboration. I asked the author if he wanted the full theme. If he wanted it, I could give it to him since he is the author of it. Never got an email since. I was also trying to make the sidebars mix in with the text background by using the comment colors.

But the theme’s name is Bird Of Paradise.

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