Show under SERPs but not under SERPs

I’ve read the FAQs and searched the help center.
My URL is:

keywords: -my-city- car hire

show under SERPs
but not under SERPs

what possibly have to do? to show on uk…

If you have google webmaster tools activated for the site, you can choose a geographic location (country) that the site targets. Activate it and tell google the site is targeting the UK.

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Frist of all, are you sure your site is really not showing at all in You can check that by searching for I suspect that you’ll find the site listed, but in a normal search it might be lower down the search results than you would like.

In general, Google will serve sites relevant to the country that the user is interested in. How does it know which country is relevant to a given site? Partly by looking at the top-level domain name (so a will tend to perform better than a .com for UK-specific queries); partly by the geo-targeting setting in Google Webmaster Tools; partly by the address or phone number of the company running the site, if this is easy for Google to discover; and partly by other arcane methods that nobody knows about.

Changing the geo-targeting in Webmaster Tools is the easiest thing to fix, but be aware that that might possibly hurt your ranking for searches from other countries. Apart from that, apply all the usual SEO techniques for improving your ranking, especially by ensuring that you have high-quality content that is is relevant to your target audience.


If you have links from websites hosted outside the UK this will also affect where you sit in the SERPS. links would help your UK serp positioning

Google show different result for same keyword in different country, that’s why you face this problem. So if you want to target U.K then under webmaster tool set the Geographical target area to U.K, or If you want to target whole country then choose US.

If you want to show website in uk result page then do some local submission.

If the domain is country-specific - such as - then you cannot use geo-targeting; Google will automatically target it at the relevant country. Nor will it make anyh difference where you host it, unless there is a significant time-lag in loading for visitors from your target country.

As the OP has stated that their domain is .com, neither of these points is of much help to them.

If the WMT Geo targeting is not an issue. I suggest you to focus on local SEO.

  1. add local area in your anchor text.

  2. Get list of all business directory and submit on that

  3. Use Alexa website to find the geographic country from where your visitor are coming from. ( Add you website in Alexa and specify your country)

  4. Add your website in Google local business listing.

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