Show select drop down with a / in the result from the DB

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I hope someone can help me… I am storing time zones in my DB as something like Australia/Brisbane.

I have an Ajax call that runs some SQL that outputs this:

$output["data"] = $select;
echo json_encode($output);

The column in the DB is timeZone.

Everything else works except for the pre-select for the time zone drop down.

The select code is:

var state ="/")[1];
$('#timeZone option:selected').removeAttr('selected');
$('#timeZone option[value='+state +']').attr('selected','selected');

And my select sample is:

<select id="timeZone" name="timeZone" class="form-control" required>
   <option value="">Select User Time Zone...</option>
  <option value="Australia/Brisbane">QLD (Brisbane)</option>
  <option value="Australia/Sydney">NSW (Sydney)</option>

I was using just the time zone and not the country as well… example… Brisbane instead of Australia/Brisbane… and the below code:

$('#timeZone option:selected').removeAttr('selected');
$('#timeZone option[value=' +']').attr('selected','selected');

And the select worked fine.

I think the issue is adding the /

Can anyone help fix this so it works?


If I’m following you right, just remove the split.

For me at quick read the first likely looking culprit was that the input value needed to be encoded (similar to how “&” can sometimes raise a ruckus)

Thanks… I am not great at this yet… I am still learning… can you please give me an example of what you mean

The ampersand character is used in entities eg. &amp;

The w3c validator has long had a pet peeve, if that’s possible, about URLs like:

I was wondering if you might need something like
Country%2FCity for the option values.

I fixed this with some minor changes.

I used the original code:

$(‘#timeZone option:selected’).removeAttr(‘selected’);
$(‘#timeZone option[value=’ +‘]’).attr(‘selected’,‘selected’);

but changed value= to id=

$(‘#timeZone option:selected’).removeAttr(‘selected’);
$(‘#timeZone option[id=’ +‘]’).attr(‘selected’,‘selected’);

I added code to the ajax call:

$doChunks = explode(“/”, $select[“timeZone”]);
$first = $doChunks[0];
$select[“timeZone”] = $doChunks[1];

And added an id to the drop down… such as:

<option value="Australia/Brisbane" id="Brisbane">QLD (Brisbane)</option>
<option value="Australia/Sydney" id="Sydney">NSW (Sydney)</option>

And now it works.

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