Hi all,

I’m trying to view in realtime, the queries being run against my development MySQL install (5.0.22 on CentOS 5.2) using SHOW FULL PROCESSLIST and mysqladmin processlist.

From examples I’ve seen on the web, the output of either of these should show the queries being issued at that time. But I cannot seem to view anything other than ‘sleep’ under the command column, even when I issue

#> watch -n1 /usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqladmin -u root -p**** processlist

| Id   | User | Host      | db               | Command | Time | State | Info             |
| 7465 | root | localhost | my_db_name | Sleep   | 972  |       |                  |
| 8248 | root | localhost |                  | Query   | 0    |       | show processlist |

What I do to is open one terminal and issue the above command and just to see if it works, and then open another terminal and run another hefty SELECT command, but nothing shows up.

The user I connect mysqladmin with is the root user who has PROCESS privileges (or whatever that priv is called).

If anyone can help me with this I’d be eternally grateful, as I’m trying to understand why a particular CMS INSERT procedure is failing.

Many thanks for reading :slight_smile: