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I am using eleven 40 Pro theme. I want to show Disable “Previous Page” pagination on homepage. As for example if I am on the homepage it only show next button.


How can I display “Previous Page” button on homepage without using plugin?


Can someone help me please?

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Without knowing your URL I cannot really give you exact code (And I do not use WordPress myself), but you could do it with JavaScript.

Like IF page 1 is selected, get the previous button and remove it

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You can use the filter functions to add and remove. See the Wordpress guide on this and should be pretty easy to do

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Thanks for the response. Personally, I don’t prefer to use JavaScript because of its slow page rendering speed.

Is it not possible using with PHP? I want to implement “Previous” pagination on 1st page and “Next” button on the last page.


The functions code shared is PHP, not JavaScript

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Sorry to say, I am a beginner to coding. I tried some codes in snippet as per your reference, didn’t work. :face_holding_back_tears:

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