Show Case Your Desktop

Hey guys! So I’d like to make this thread about show casing your desktops. I haven’t seen a thread about this yet, so I think it would be pretty nice to show case what you have on your desktop or how your desktop looks like. I believe a while back, there was a topic about show casing your Text Editor, but not show casing your desktops.

So I’ll start.

Here’s my Windows 10. I run dual-screen on my main desktop so the picture width will be pretty long. Also, the right picture is the extended second screen.

Here’s my Bunsenlabs - Jessie. I only run this on my laptop so the width of the picture is pretty small.

Here’s my Yosemite. I also run this on my laptop on a separate HD. So the width is the same as the Bunsenlabs’.

All have the same background. So yeah.


I’m not sure I’d call it a show-case, more like a reason to call out the men in white coats in my case :upside_down:


Of course I had to tidy it up first. It was getting very cluttered. I have no idea where this scene is, but I just replaced a snowy winter scene with this image because I really want spring weather to come … now!


My desktop is just my dark theme Mac bar with 837 rotating backgrounds across 3 monitors, no desktop icons at all. :laughing:

Here are my wallpapers:


All three monitors of my desktop have astronomy pictures that change every sixty minutes and each monitor displays a different image from the other two monitors. This is a windows 10 machine. I do not have any icons, images, folders or shortcuts on the desktop.

My laptop runs Linux Mint and it to displays an astronomy image and the desktop is clear too. Nothing on the desktop unless it’s currently in use.

(to lazy to take and post an image of the empty desktops :slight_smile:


I’ve never thought of myself as a minimalist, but it appears that I am.


I wouldn’t want anything on my desktop hiding an image like that either. I love the look!


I too am a minimalist, both at Work (Windows 7) and at Home (Linux variants). I have absolutely nothing on my desktop and use Launchers to kick off the applications I want to utilize. On Windows, I use SlickRun, and most Linux distros come with their own variant built in, so I don’t use anything on those machines.

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Mine is minimal to an extent. Sometimes, I drag or download stuff to it to make it easier to find. But I do have a lot of partition so some partitions have a lot of files on the desktops and some don’t. Surprisingly, the ones I am showing you guys don’t have a lot on them.

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