Should we link our website to different language website or not?

I’ve seen many websites of different languages like German, Spanish etc which are relevant to my site. i want to be linked with their website but the only issue in my mind is whether getting linked with websites of different languages is useful for the site or not? Please help me in this matter. Your answers will be valuable for me.

If there are relevant links then there should not be any issue with SEO rankings.

I think you can try that. You can get traffic from these sites by doing so. And if you have good content you can also has the chance of getting backlinks.

try anchor tag them with some words/terms that you understand in that foreign language website. this is because english terms are widely shared and used in other languages as well. above all, make sure the contents are highly relevant to your site!

good luck.

I am also agree with other members. If other language sites are good and relevant with your sites then there is no loss to link with them. But you should remember some points such as PR, backlinks and quality of content.

As long as the sites are indeed related to your own site in terms of content, I don’t see any problem with the language being different. Google has a local searcher for almost any significant country and will “understand” what are you linking to.