Should these programmers be jailed?

I am not aware of the full facts but it appears that the those who benefited from the glitch are being sought in order to resume their sentences. Maybe I am wrong but I think the software house should shoulder the blame and be sentenced.

Just my two Satang:

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An interesting problem. I wonder if they had any test coverage on that software.
Doesn’t it seem that a numeric calculation could be easily checked AND easily corrected?

It is not known if any offender committed further crimes after being released prematurely.

That is probably what really matters. Prison time is supposed to provide rehabilitation. Maybe this can be viewed as a “test run” for those who were released.
However, it is important that the full term of the sentences be served. Imagine how disheartening that must be, though, to be released and then told you need to return.


Something I learned from a Ted talk about hackers is that the world needs hackers. Without hackers, developers wouldn’t know if they have a security problem or not. With hackers, they force the world to do better.

I think this is very true in many ways. We learn a lot from hackers and we make our applications more secure due to their influences.

Not unless it was a planned bug.

I think the DOC leadership should be fired, and the software company severely fined.

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