Should my dev be making his own theme?

Hi all
I have a really heavy webpage thanks to my dev using the Redmond jquery theme. There is a lot of stuff he can get rid of like css files he doesn’t use it appears. What do you think if I tell him that he should be making his own theme? Or just calling jquery as and when it is needed? Do you think that is something I should ask him to do or do you think I would be way out of line?
Thanks apologies for my ignorance!

The site needs to work without JavaScript enabled so strictly speaking none of it should be needed.

The parts of it you would consider keeping are those that make it easier for visitors to your site to use the page.

What is the fancy javascript?? :slight_smile:

If you want really quick loading then you could always ditch the fancy javascript, it’s unlikely that you would really need it since your designer should already be building your site to work without it anyway.

if someone told me to make a new theme with your concerns I would probably just copy and paste everything into a new folder with a new name. It sounds like you don’t understand anything about web development so have no place in concerning yourself with implementation details. With any open source solution the trade-off is efficiency, its just the way it is with generic solutions. Without knowing the budget or project details its not possible to say if using a open source solution was the most appropriate solution. There are a lot of things that JavaScript does that can’t be replicated without a convoluted user interface using only server side languages. It would depend on circumstance but in most cases when JavaScript is heavily used its to make the user interface more user friendly than a convoluted constantly reloading nightmare.

Yeah but what is the fancy part of it?!! (ie the part that is not needed!!)

You mentioned using Jquery - that’s javascript :slight_smile:

Thanks Stephen, I’m currently getting shafted by the hour! So anyway that aside the answer is yes, the best way to do what I want (what I want is the quickest loading version of the page that has as little http requests as possible) I should be asking him to develop his own theme to reach that goal? What would be your optimal best coding secenario?

It’s your site so if you are paying someone to develop it for you they should be developing it to your requirements.

The important thing is communication as early as possible to agree what changes you want done and how much they are going to charge you to make those changes.