Should me a SEO book

If anybody have SEO book on the internet and know, Please give me download link, I am grateful to you for this kindness.

I think keep following matt cuts on his online video or on his blogs. I don’t think after you will need any SEO book.

The problem with books is that by the time one gets published, Google updates its algorithm and renders some of the book incorrect.

Your best bet is to follow the blogs on places like and SearchEngineLand. If you insist on buying books, two of the better ones are “SEO for Dummies” and “The Art of SEO”.

Just open & search “SEO pdf”, You will find many guide, choose what to read.

You should to take the help from Google instead of buying any SEO book for you. Cos the trend is changing day by day so there is no use to buy book…

Thanks for showing interest share useful tips with me, Nice to meet you.