Should images be kept in the root folder?


Does it matter where images are stored on the server?

I know web pages are better for search engine purposes in the root folder but does it matter when it comes to images?



It would be crazy to store images in the root folder [from a management point of view], and it’s so common to store images in a dedicated folder that I wouldn’t think twice about it. The main thing is that you make it easy for search engines to find content (pages, images etc.), and good, clean code is fine for that.

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Where you store your images does not affect SEO. But storing your images in the root, as opposed to an images directory, would get out of control very fast, and as your site grows, you need to stay organized.

Well it doesn’t matter where you kept your images either in root folder or any other.It is common practice to put images on root but it is not compulsory.

It is?

Well i think you should store images in a separate folder if you are really interested in some sort of good SEO :slight_smile:

I have a cricket highlights site and i am trying to make it a good SEO site that i could get some search engine traffic…


I don’t think anyone’s listening to you again, Guido … shame really, it might stop them writing such silly rubbish :rolleyes: