Should I use wordpress for ecommerce

I have used prestashop and cs cart in the past but i am wondering if wordpress has come far enough now that I should use wp ecommerce ??? any opinions

Not that long ago moved to wp e-commerce with help of cart2cart service and I’m liking it so far. This plugin integrates with paypal, has needed marketing tools, se-optimized and just rocks!

You are doing details according to business. They are points that people should think about when they want to start a business.
I am having good experience with WordPress for my heart blog. I haven’t used it for business. But many of my friends use it for biz, and they all feel good. Yes, you may try it. :slight_smile:

You need to aks yourself a few questions about an WP ecommerce implementation:

  1. Does it meet your business goals?
  2. Does it meet your needs for displaying all relevent product information?
  3. Does it offer the right facilities for your customers? eg
  • different ways to pay
  • confirmation/order emails
  1. Does it offer features you may need? (ref your business plan), eg
  • upselling, discounts etc
  • shipping options
  • tax calculations
  • customer registration required or optional

If it meets the needs of your business and your customers then yes it’s worth considering as an option.

I see no problem with it, WP can be used on any implementation.