Should I use hyphens in all of my file names?

I use hyphens in URLs that deal with article names, like this:

I haven’t been using hyphens in files like this:


Should I be using hyphens in ALL filenames?


It’s really up to you, but I prefer hyphens. They are nicer to read, and I believe they help with SEO, too, as the words can then be distinguished. Mixing caps and lower case is also a recipe for typos, too.

its more of a preference. some people do believe hyphens are more effective as per SEO.

[font=verdana]They can make it easier for search bots to distinguish the different words. While Google can pick out individual words from a stringofwordswithnospaces, there’s obviously a bigger risk of it getting ot wrong than a string-of-words-with-hyphens. It’s also much easier for other people to type in and to read, which has an impact too.

In terms of casing – unless there’s a particular need otherwise, it’s always a good idea to make sure your server is not case sensitive. You can then promote to make the words more obvious, but if someone types in, you want the server to give them the right page and not spit back an error.[/font]