Should I Use File Extensions?

Hi Guys,
I’m building my own content management system and was wondering, when I get around to generating my URLs (All the content will reside in a database), would it be better to have no extension at all, or should I put a .htm or html extension on, just so that it looks like a real file?

I’m hoping that it doesn’t matter either way (Though I’d prefer no file extension), but I’d love to hear your thoughts.

It doesn’t matter either way :slight_smile:

In terms of SEO, it doesn’t matter either way.

In terms of general usability, if you can get away without file extensions, that can be better - it reduces the chance of someone mistyping the extension (or guessing it wrong), and it also means that when you want to change the technology at a later date, you don’t need to worry about redirecting any existing links, because the filename will still be right.

great, thanks for confirming my suspicion :slight_smile:

Still, there are many large websites and webshops that use “.html” for all their pages. Why is that?

A combination of ignorance and apathy. I’m as bad - my websites all have extensions on the end of the filenames. There’s always something more urgent to do than figure out how to reconfigure the server, and given that the sites are there now already and all the links point to pages with file extensions, it could be counterproductive to change it.