Should I use Disavow Link Tool?

Hi Guys,
There are about 200 spammy links from the domain pointing towards my website. I guess they all are no-follow links. Should I use Google Disavow Link Tool to report these diseased links? I’m bit worried as Google is about to roll out Penguin 2.0 update.

Any help will be appreciated.


[FONT=verdana]The usual advice is that you only need to use Disavow Links if you have received an “unnatural links” warning from Google. There’s no point in doing so otherwise.

My own experience - and that of several other people who’ve posted on this topic here - confirms that advice.



Hi Mikl
Thank you for the reply.

I didn’t get any “Unnatural Links” warning from Google. So I’ll pass it on.

Yes this is the tool which can remove spammy links from site but use it very carefully.