Should I try making money from blogs?

Hello guys. My wife’s 3 blogs have had around 150,000 visits between them in the last year (one of them has had 168,000 alone). Do you consider it is worth trying to make money from them? I think we should, but my wife is not sure.

What is your suggestions?


You can go through the following link. I hope you find it to be useful:

[font=calibri]What are your plans to monetise the blogs?

For reference, I run a long-established site that has about 10 times the number of visits as your wife’s blogs (although I’m puzzled as to how one blog has a higher number of visitors than the total :confused: ), and I get about £3000 (US$5000) a year in advertising revenue. Now you might be able to squeeze a bit more out of your adverts than I have done, but equally you might not get as much – on that scale you are looking at around £300 (US$500) a year from adverts. If you can do that without any cost to the quality or appearance of the blogs then you might as well go for it – money for nothing is always good! But don’t expect to be making a fortune unless you’ve got other irons in the fire as well.[/font]

You should definately try to monetize it, at least itll pay for hosting and a coffee for your trouble If you never try, you never know. I dont think that buying a new tablet or laptop for money from those blogs isn`t worth trying …

If you already have a blog that you enjoy adding content to, there is no reason not to monetize it. Google ads are easy to add to your site, and they will target your users individually.

I those blogs have got enough traffic to earn at least a decent amount of money. Huge money can be made with even less than that amount of traffic. It depends on the niche of those blogs and how do you want to monetize them? Adsense, CPA, Affiliate etc. It can turn into a very long discussion.

If you were not doing this, you missed many earning opportunities.

Blogs are one of the best ways to make money online. There are hundreds of ways to monetize blogs. The most popular ways are advertisement programs, affiliate marketing, paid post, banner advertising and so on. You can try these to make big figure of earning.

Note: I will advise, do not turn your blog into a spammy resource with earning possibilities. You have ads or promotions rather than contents, you will soon end up all.

These are the basic ideas that you can use to monetize your blog. But without knowing your niche (blog topic) no one can give you good advice. But you can look into these ideas and tell us about your blog or give us a link to give you more accurate advice.
1.Affiliate Sales: You can recommend products to others. This is the perfect option for beginners because you don’t need a big following. But remember, make sure to follow the rules This option can easily bring in a few hundred dollars a month (or much more) if done well.

2.Advertising: Once you reach about 10,000 unique visitors a month, advertising is a great option. By leveraging your audience in this way, you could even make thousands of dollars a month.

3.Products: everyone is an expert at something—including you. By leveraging that expertise, you can create a product your readers will be lining up to purchase. The sky’s the limit on this one, and it’s easier to get started than you think.

Hello Aalia, money making by blog is good way. With the help of blog roll you can improve your way of business. In blogroll your can add link of another website. I thing you should go further with the blogs. I found in many answers of this thread suggesting you about monetise. It is also a good way. You can get more traffic by blogroll and it is good way of making money.

I can understand that getting a link from another site’s blogroll can increase your traffic, but how is it a good way of making money?

The best advertising tool you can is Adsense. Google is really very punctual about their payment, from last 3 years I am getting my cheque without any delay.

i have stayed away from adsense since they randomly banned my account when I finally decided to withdraw money out and cash the cheques they sent me :confused: