Should i share my approved back link on facebook?

Hello Friends!

Actually i want to know that, should i share my approved back link on the facebook.
Someone told me if you want to get the more traffic to your website then you should share your
approved back link on the facebook . Is it right?

Hi Mart

To increase the traffic to your site, there isn’t a necessity to put up the back links to any of your social profiles. Instead, you do want to socialize your business information in the communities and groups that you find in the social network. Only this could help you in experiencing a better traffic to your site, as well the professionals will be coming up with their suggestions regarding your business.

Obviously, the social profiles do remain as one of the ways in increasing the web traffic, but still the way of adding up your information to the network matters!
It’s better you try creating a business page in the social profiles and move with updating the business stuffs over. This will gradually be helping you out in what you wanted.

Thank you sarahjohs for giving me such a valuable concepts regarding the above mentioned question.

Actually It does not necessary to share approve back-links, If you got back links by classified or Article so that is most necessary to share on Social network sites.

It can be helpful to provide backlinks at times, especially if they have content/articles relevant to the conversation. It will not go over well if you’re just entering them in haphazardly on everyone’s comment section. You have to use a fair bit of discretion to do this well, & as always, be respectful of the people you’re interacting with. Oftentimes, however if you are in a group on FB that is part of a niche, the group admin. will ask for links to what works best for you in certain areas…it’s the perfect time to put in a backlink in an appropriate way, as well as give a short comment as to why you like it so much.

Social media is most powerful tool to make your business profitable in a min. time.You want to post verified links in Facebook, its a good idea to generate traffic on your site. If you really want to go with social media regarding your product, create some pages, groups and community related to you product/Business and post all the verified links to get high traffic.

Agree no need to put it what you want make more good content in your website , also doing social media activity is a big help specially promotional, Now that you have a good backlink continue doing good SEO activity your website will earn that a good traffic maybe a page rank higher.

Yes, I think you should share your aproved backlinks to your social profile that will help you to create good socialized image of your website on the internet. Also good for getting traffic to your website. Social networks have a good terms with search engines so, if you share your links on social media then it is also good for getting a good ranking on search engine also.

Sharing links is fine, but try not to be overly aggressive in doing so. Pushing links too hard will turn off your audience.

To me I really don’t think it is that necessary because I don’t see what it can do for your site or how it can help your site to grow.


if you want to increase your traffic so share on link social website. like facebook, g+, twitter etc… because million of people are there which using a regular these site so keep sharing your traffic will increase.

Yes, for the purpose getting lots of traffic you should share your approved back link on Facebook and posting on posting try to share that post on different Facebook niche groups.

Yes you can share your approved link and if you have website then Include Your Website On All Your Social Networks but if u wants more traffic then Social Media Monitoring and Engagement is must.