Should I register the domain name with my details or the client's?

Hello there.

I’ve been doing freelance for a little while now, and most of the times I provide web hosting for my client’s sites too. So I’m basically a small-time reseller… I mainly use 123-reg or LCN and I’ve just been registering the domain details in my name, email and home/business address. I’ve done this for pretty much every domain I’ve brought for people…

…but is this the best thing to do as a small-time one-man reseller? I mean, I like to make a small admin profit on top of keeping my clients domains in check, so I like to control the fact that I get to know which domains are running out and need renewal etc… But I also think, if something happens to me, how will the clients ever get their domain names?

It should be in their names really? I’m not too sure… How do others here handle this? And is there a better way of doing things when trying to turn a little profit from domain names for clients?

Hope someone can help. Thank you!
(: Little Jim

I let my clients take care of the domain name and hosting, although I will recommend a hosting provider if they don’t know where to find it, and I will help them get things set up, or even renew if they don’t know what to do. Basically, once the site is up and running, it is all theirs and all I do is the maintenance if that was part of the agreement.

That’s cool for you man… But for the last few years I’ve been doing this, and my clients are perfectly happy not having to deal with any of the hassle and I don’t mind sorting it out for them. I make a nice little bit of extra cash from reselling hosting and domains, so would like to keep this option open…

…I’m just wondering if I should maybe still be registering the details in their name or mine? Or have the home address and name as the clients, but the email as mine? … ?

Domains should be on the name of clients. You can join reseller programme of This is cool and deos not require any additional expernditure. You can setup your price for the domains and get the profite.

This will be a better way to manage domains.

Good luck.

Even i ll support for clients address. why to bother unnecessarily…

See, I’m in the UK here… I wonder… Does anyone know if Nominet actually send out domain certificates anymore, like they used too?

I remember they used to post certificates of ownership for domains to people registering domains… I haven’t seen one in ages though.

I only really ever deal with UK domain names and UK clients… I maybe should take to my domain name registerers and see what they say? Like I say, my clients really like the fact they have nothing to worry about with domains, hosting and the like. I get to make a bit of extra money on top. And seems silly to stop doing this…

I suppose I just offer the option to clients… Do you want to manage it? Or shall I? … but if I do, I still don’t want it exactly ‘owned’ by me, I want it to be the property of the client, but I want to do the admin for looking after it all… Just not quite sure of the right business way of doing this…

Why to bother for this. Register domain on their own name :slight_smile:

No they don’t. I think they send an email out, but it’s been a while since my last registration, so I’m not 100% sure anymore.

But they’ve stopped the certificates.

It seems very sporadic, I got one cert a week or so ago, but in that time I’ve registered several “Nominet” domains. There doesn’t seem to be a pattern for it.

Yes, I’ve had that… Some domains I got certificates through the post, but most of the time, I got nothing…

With the kind of clients I work with (small, small time) they really don’t wanna deal with any aspect of hosting or domains… They don’t mind paying me a little extra to sort it all out. So I like to offer simple pricing structures for domain and hosting etc… They are happy with this, I’m happy with this (as it’s a little extra money)…

So it still remains… I wonder if I should register the name and home/business address as the client… But set the email notification to me… Then I get the updates/notices for the domains, but… The name and address is that of the actual client?

I put in the agreement that the domain is registered in my name until final payment is received. When final payment is received I transfer ownership.

I suppose that it is not honest and clear enough to your end customers. Better have reseller account and resell domain name for then. That will save you from tons of headaches in future. Good luck

You could be right? But it’s not on purpose… I think what I will do in the future is explain the options more clearly… I want to make money (obviously) but I don’t want people to believe I’m doing them a mischief.

I should look into the reseller domains… Makes more sense. I mean, I’m a reseller for hosting, so why not domains?

Do you recommend any that are good resellers? I’ll see what LCN and 123-reg would do…

Im thinking now… There just has to be companies out there? … A reseller business that allows reselling of hosting and domains… But one that maybe allows me to bill customers for the goods, straight through them? …At the moment, I take regular payments of clients for hosting and domains using cheques or (rarely) PayPal.

Anyone know of anything like this?

Standard practice would be to register it in your name. It makes it slightly more difficult for the client to swap providers later. However, please be a good service provider and oblige to the domain transfer if requested.

It’s not easy to put your client’s contact because you probably need to create a user account everytime you have a new client which can be a very tedious work if you manage 50-100 domains.

You should register the domain in the client name. You could put the technical contact as yourslef, but the admin should be the client.

clients defo. or maybe you could keep them in ur name till the client has paid in full? another idea.

I register a domain under my client’s name. I have a reseller account so after getting full amount it automatically register. :wink:

That is not a problem to earn with resell account.
That is life and they think over that. And unfortunately you have nothing to do about that and change their mind

I always register it with my clients. I don’t want any trouble coming back to me if someone decides to sue them or get even with their company.

I’ve had clients get upset in the past anyway when I put my contact information under their whois info. I guess its comforting when you can see your name on it.