Should I really care about the jQuery version?

I am curious to know should I really use the latest version of jQuery or should I go with the 2.x version, I don’t have a specific task but I am learning here. I have seen new version has removed some functions from a previous version, so from here, what should I do now?

Unless you want to support some real ancient browsers, there’s no good reason to start a new project with jQuery 2 and miss out the improvements of the newer versions. Of course, if you want to migrate to jQuery 3 within an existing project you have to be careful and read the upgrade guide (or use the migration plugin)… but AFAIK there are only few breaking changes really, So in case of doubt, use jQuery 3… or just vanilla JS, for that matter. ;-)


I second @m3g4p0p’s opinion for just not using it, unless you have very specific reason to use it. Use 3 if you have to. If you can’t for whatever specific reason you have, then use 2.

If you’re supporting IE11+, which you should only be supporting unless you have a solid business reason to support <IE10, then don’t use it.


I don’t think that there is a lot of changes in upgraded version. For learning purpose, it is fine to learn from version 2.

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