Should I Open Yahoo Ads Account?

I have just signed up for a Microsoft Adcenter account and was planning on doing the same for the Yahoo Ad Network but then I read that Microsoft Adcenter will be taking this over.

However, I also read that it will only be in the US and Canada. So my question is:

Is there any point of signing up with Yahoo Ads at the minute?

yea wait for the transition, I was with yahoo some time ago when they were blue lithium, then they tried to pawn me off on a bunch of fly by night ad networks…ugg:rolleyes:
I hope they have some success with bing

are you sure that MS is going to takeover Yahoo Ads? I haven’t really heard about that…

No, I’m not sure at all but I read it here:

I have a Yahoo ad account. But I really don’t know what the next step is, so I’ve paused my campaigns for now, until they officially make the transition. <snip/>

I am not really sure if MS has taken over yahoo ads. Best if you’ll try to sign for both just to make sure.