Should I noindex/nofollow my static pages in WP?


I’m running a WP blog dealing with guides. What I’ve been doing is posting articles and then creating static pages for them to give users quick access if they know what they’re looking for. In terms of SEO, should I change the Meta information of these static pages to increase page rank towards my actual post and not my static pages? Right now, all of the static pages have the same meta as the actual posts that create them: Index, Follow.

Should I change that to any of the following for better SEO?
index, nofollow
noindex, follow
noindex, nofollow

Sorry for being a nub!
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Can you explain what you mean by static pages? Do they have the exact same content as the post?

I can’t see a reason to “nofollow” links on that page, so rule that one out. And i can’t yet see a reason why you wouldn’t want these pages indexed, unless they are simply duplicates of your posts and you don’t want them to rank instead of the posts?

The static pages are exact duplicates of the posts that I’m putting on my main page feed. So should I just put, noindex?

Also, if I make a page or post, noindex… would I have to keep up with the SEO information for it? Like keywords etc?