Should I learn PHP or the game is OVER?


I see many guys these days go towards learning ASP.NET and MVC pattern. I need your advice, should I follow the same thing or should I learn PHP? from freelance business of view I see PHP is better, am I right? Do you agree with me?

Hi CS Geek,

ASP.NET is one way to go but in NO WAY is PHP dying.

The MVC (Model View Controller) is a pattern that can be used in any language; .NET, PHP, Java…

If you are looking to do contract work in other businesses then will likely get you better paying and more opportunities. For freelance work that involves developing applications and or websites for customers directly than PHP is great. There are several well established and modern frameworks such as CodeIgniter, Symphony 2, and ZEND so they can be used to more rapidly build applications using PHP and one of the open databases like MySQL, Postgre or MongoDb

It really depends on how you plan to freelance?


Long story short, If you want to make more $$$ go with .NET. The stock is getting higher and hire with every release. Plus, Visual Studio owns any IDE out there.

PHP tends to be favored by small shops, enthusiasts, and freelancers (though there are certainly exceptions). The bar for starting out is set at a reasonable level and there is plenty of documentation and communities offering support.

ASP.NET tends to be favored by serious and large businesses. The bar for starting out tends to be a little bit higher, and the professional grade tools from microsoft are as pricey as any of their other software licenses. Microsoft has technet documentation, but it tends to be lacking in examples. Generally, it’s easiest to take an introductory class or a very good book for this one, as many of the tutorials and instructions found online tend to be incomplete and make the assumption you already know how to do certain things.

Both languages have their fair share of quirks and “gotchas”. However, because ASP.NET tends to be favored by the private sector (although it’s debatable whether or not VB.NET is more prevalent), you’re more likely to land a better paying position at a larger organization with ASP.NET training.

Reading this post, i was thinking to ask, what about the Python.
I thing Python is a strong programming language Way it is not popular?

You’ve been asking these ridiculous questions for over a year now, I’m tempted to report your threads as spam/fluff.

Just go build something, do something with the feedback SP members have graciously offered you.

I fully agree with Anothony.

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