Should I learn everything I need to know about

social media and social networking if I have an academic background in public relations and employee communications?

What are the various ways social media can be applied to the corporate communication field? I want to diversify my skills by learning about social media, but I am also concerned that a background in marketing or advertising might be a requisite.

I’m also pondering if I should purchase the Day 22 “e-marketing” bundle. :confused:

If you want to learn about the different social media networks and tools, just sign up and start using them to get a feel for them. Observe how other people (and companies) use them. And, participate!

People who work in social generally either come from marketing or PR… Since you have one side of the equation down it makes a lot of sense to jump into the field and at least understand it, even if it’s not where you focus. Let’s face it, social influences everything today and the buzz around it is even bigger… not knowing it is far more of a detriment.

Well, I appreciate Ted’s description of social and would want to further it in a way that you should create a corporeal page on social communities once you have achieved good amount of friends on your social page. You should refer your created business page to your friends, colleagues and associates and ask them to like it. This is how the circle moves.

I think the two goes well with each other. Technically PR is actually a part of marketing. In PR, you’re what connects the community, media, and company together. Social media and networking skills come hand in hand with PR I think.

Yeah dude, this is so right a good statement in short words. It’s really appreciative.