Should I keep this data in its own table?

My website is keeping track of user data such as number of forum posts this month, number of yearly, number of user registrations etc…
I can naturally get this information by making a query to the forum posts table, to the users table etc… but is there any benefit of storing all of this information in an independent table just for stats?

Lets me explain a bit better, when the user logins his backoffice, he will be presented with a dashboard with an overview of his user stats. Instead of making separate queries to each table (ex. users, forum posts, etc…) wouldn’t it be simpler to store this info in a table that is updated (ex. twice a day)?


If you have so many records in your database that the query is too slow. You could run a cron job that populated a stats table. Otherwise its redundant.

Yeah with that you can manage all your slow speed…

Thanks eruna. :slight_smile:
But one question, technically queries 2 separate tables would require more effort then querying a single table?