Should I include social media with the website

I might have a new web design client tomorrow. Do you think it’s a good idea to or for social media design along with the website. Ill create a facebook page and twitter account. It is for cardiologists office. What do you think
I any suggestions?

In my experience, the rule has always been to ask what the client wants, first. Never. Assume. Anything.

Does your client want social media involved with the site? If so, or if the client doesn’t mind, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to add it in aid of his site. It’s never really a bad idea to include social media as a marketing ploy and a way to garnish more traffic/clients/support for a site etc.

Do you have updated info wich is worth reading for your visitors on a daily basis. In that case definately.

More important than what your client wants, do they have a strategy to use these channels? Social may happen with or without your client’s involvement but opening up the gates without anyone in place to drive updates or field questions is inviting disaster.

Thats something i didnt consider, but ondeed, yes, if you want to get involved into solsion media you have to spend time on it to make it work for you, not against you.
Then again for a starting website, why would social media work against you?

There’s many ways using social improperly can hurt you…

  • People could come looking for support but not hear back, thus causing them to negatively share your brand

  • You could mis-understand the medium and think it’s about advertising, get labeled a spammer and hurt your perception to prospects as happens all the time on forums

  • You could mis-understand the medium and try to pay people for positive comments thus leading to negative coverage

  • You could neglect to develop a crises plan and have some issue with your brand that you take a negative path to solving, getting you all sorts of negative coverage

And on and on.

Social is so often seen as a way new way to advertise in a place where people can talk back but where the business remains in control and that rationale causes all sorts of potential problems as brands discover that it is not their playground.

As Ted said, it is very important that if you deploy social media with the site, that you have someone manning the helms that knows what they are doing.

Where I work, we have several social media outlets. Each outlet is actually manned by a different person (so we have greater coverage). We get all kinds of questions and comments on there. When we do, we respond… fast. For example, we weren’t offering a service in a particular location and a bunch of people were talking about how they wished we did. We immediately started offering that service there and it filled up almost instantly. All of our responses really really help my brand.

The converse though would be if we didn’t respond quickly, it could really hurt us because “nobody listens” at our company. Social media in particular has really shortened the amount of time (potential) clients are will to wait before they move on to the next thing. It could seriously be detrimental if you have it but don’t use it properly.

you can but better will be linked in because all professional mostly meet in linked in and it best for any business use.

It’s best for any business use…? There’s ~100 million LinkedIn users right now… mostly “professional” level so if you’re looking to reach cat operators LI is not the best and that’s very much business. No one network is perfect for all cases.

i would prefer linked in too.

well I think that for clients like you mention I suggest them to have a linkedin account with twitter because these both can get help professionally but facebook is for fun and entertainment not for professionalism. :slight_smile:

36 million people follow Coke. Is that all for fun? How about someone who just Tweets their friends? Are they professional users?

Yes, because social media is indeed a great marketing tool nowadays and the best would be Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn.

You can suggest to your client to add social media like facebook or twitter on his/her website, but you have to clearly explain why a social media is necessary. I’ve searched for the websites of some local hospitals here, but I haven’t seen any social media buttons on their websites.

I would try to use social media as a upsell and charge some money to create page then charge monthly fee to update and keepmit up

LinkedIn is much more professional looking if your client wanted it to look more professional.

I tend to agree with this, although it really depends upon the focus of his website. Is he using it to connect peer to peer, to promote his publications in medical journals, or to find new patients? I would suspect the last is probably not a concern since most cardiologists are seen by a referral.

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