Should I get a new computer?

I have an old Lenovo laptop from 2007. Dual core processor 2.4 Ghz. I upgraded to 256 GiB SSD. 8 GiB of RAM. Linux OS.

what other system resources would be required for web development in 2023?

That is all fine… you don’t need a necessarily fast system to do web development. Most of the time you need enough to run a text editor and a local file server to execute code on. You can even do development using nothing but tools online ( etc.)

If the system is ok for you to execute programs on, you should be fine for web dev.

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Thank you Martyr2.

Sorry I forgot to mention that my laptop has a dual core processor. 2.4 Ghz.

No problem. As long as the computer is fast enough to not bother you then it should be fine. Linux can run on pretty limited hardware fine so it should be ok.

I make my websites on a Dell Latitude from 2010 with almost exactly the same hardware, with x64 but without separate video card. I do that on purpose because my clients or their website visitors may have an old machine as well. And I noticed that animations that run smoothly on modern machines can run quite poorly on older machines.

However, are you able to test matters on Windows? Linux has a market share of less than 3%.

So? What does that matter?

I’m fairly certain windows will run slower than Linux on that machine. It generally does.

This is not a Windows vs Linux debate. Just add some other view to the figures.

“Professional developers love Linux and are as keen to use it as possible. 47% of those professionals use Linux systems.”

I guess if you add embedded systems, you may increase this Linux figures that this source claims. Disclaimer: Other sources may claim other market shares…

well i’m kinda new. have not gone ‘commercial’ yet. but with all the sandboxes, playgrounds and virtual machines, i figured i could code my websites to perform well in any environment.

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thanks siber and kamp. following that link, the pie chart in the website about OS market shares adds up to 153%. so that website may not be a good source.

I have a screenshot of my graphics card details. How can I upload it to this forum thread?

You should be able to drag an image into the post composition window.

Alternatively, there should also be an Upload button as in the screenshot.

If you don’t see that, it might be the case that you need to make a certain number of posts before certain features become unlocked.

if you follow that link, because all the pieces of the pie chart at that website add up to 153% :flushed:, i was thinking the chart must not be accurate, and the percentage of developers who prefer Linux may actually be higher than 47%.

How would my old graphics card impact my computer experience on my old and upgraded laptop?


Not sure what you’re asking. That screenshot is of a really old 0.8Ghz processor.

Also, you can’t install a regular graphics card into a laptop. There is simply no room for it.

I suppose to answer your question yourself, try it.
Have a go at doing the work you intend to do on your existing computer.
If you find that its performance is a drag on your progress, it’s time for an upgrade.
On the other hand, if you are satisfied with the performance, save your money.


From CPU-X I accidentally uploaded the CPU details instead of the graphics details.

so here are all my CPU-X details.


How might these graphics on my old laptop compare to a newer laptop’s graphics?


It is not to strongest PC you are running but for development you should be still fine.


I didn’t mean the speed. I meant that there may be differences between rendering on Linux versus Windows machines. Just as that there are between Mac, iOS and Windows.