Should I disallow seo while building a website?


I m wanting to build a uniqe site, but want to take time to work on it. I am worried search engines will pick up the pages while being developed. Is it a good idea to disable the site from being crawled whilst in development or allow it to be crawled to increase the pages/websites’ age?

I’m thinking search engines might crawl undeveloped pages, find duplicate content as I am using a template, possible competitors may see my idea etc.

Any thoughts on this?


Developing off line might be your best solution.


I usually password protect sites that I don’t want to be crawled.

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If a page has no inbound links, it most likely won’t get crawled. But you can ensure it does not by adding a meta tag:

<meta name="robots" content="nofollow, noarchive, noindex" />

If it is crawled and indexed there is a chance of it appearing in search results. That may lead to people visiting an unfinished page, which does not look good for your site. I would prevent any crawling or indexing of WIP.

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