Should I Convert Smarty Framework Site to WordPress?

Hi All,

I own/run a site called, purchased from about 6 months ago.

I have been slowly growing the site, thanks to Google PPC advertising.

I plan to bolster the site’s ranking with some SEO, but keep running into the same limitation: ‘Smarty’ framework is not that smart as it’s a real pain to add content and organize it. So I plan to hire an Indian firm on to convert it from Smarty to WordPress. The content is straight HTML with an administrator / user area set in an iframe, loading my telecommunication provider’s admin area via an API.

Now I’m having second thoughts.

I wonder if it’s better to keep the site ‘as is,’ and just add as an inexpensive stop-gap, or should I go through with the conversion?

Are there complications you see?

Is my $1,000 budget for the conversion too small?

Will I have to worry about WordPress 3.0 destroying the conversion?

Thank you in advance for your responses!


Ansel Taft

I do not really understand what you want to do/want to have done… Smarty to Wordpress is not a conversion… Smarty is just the underlying template engine and has nothing to do with the way you add/edit/delete contents on your site.

As I have no idea about the individual scripts you are running on the site, it is also very difficult to give it a price for “conversion”. If it is just static (X)HTML by now, I’d call $1.000 too much, if there is individual programming involved $ 1.000 is way to optimistic.

As LarsK said, Smarty is only a template engine, so there has to be some additional PHP involved to generate the pages.
If you really just enter some texts and don’t need to integrate (in the meaning of direct integration, not iframe) any APIs 1.000$ should be OK to get the site converted to Wordpress.

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