Should I consolidate

I have a situation with several sites and I’m not really sure what the best way forward is, would be interested to see other peoples perspective on it.

Right now I have a web design business that has a corporate looking website with a blog. I have a domain in my own name which I am not really doing anything with, plus I have a personal blog which I used to write some personal stuff as well as articles on personal growth, weight loss etc.

I’ve been feeling a little lately that my writing is being spread too thin between trying to grow three diffferent websites. I’m wondering if I should merge all these blogs into the web design business and focus on one brand.

My concern I guess is the risk of posting personal posts, non business related posts, tweets etc on more corporate precense. But then I’m thinking maybe as it’s a small business I should make it less corporate and more of a personal brand. I keep going back and forth between all this and cant decide the best way forward. I see entrepenuers building brands all around themselves and I wonder if that’s the best approach.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, thanks.

Better way is to work on the professional website and bring all those blog postings into that. Optimize the site which you would prefer for the business and simply copy the useful contents from all other sites into it.

If you really think you can’t manage three sites, its better to merge them all. Its better to focus on quality than quantity.

Or if all the three blogs are giving you considerable traffic and conversion you can hire a profession to look after their optimization.

not a good idea.
wight loss got nothing to do with web design.
i would recommend keeping them separate by niche.

Bad idea… Never merge blog which are of different, it can create confusion in the minds of the visiting your new merged blog.