Should I close the Window?

I need some advice on how to handle Re-setting a Password.

Here is a part of the sequence in question…

  • System displays “Reset Password” page
  • User enters in his/her Email
  • User clicks “Reset Password” button
  • System displays “A message has been sent to your e-mail address with instructions on how to Create a New Password.”

My question is whether it is okay to offer a “Close” button and let the User close this window?!

On one hand that is a good idea, because when the User gets the e-mail he/she will see…

Dear Debbie,

We received a request to reset your Account Password.

If you forgot your password, then click on the link below to choose a new one:


However, if you did not make this request, or were able to remember your original password,
then please disregard this e-mail.


Customer Service

And when they click on the hyperlink in the e-mail, a NEW WINDOW will open thus creating two windows!!

On the other hand, I have always heard it was bad to encourage a User to close the browser window with YOUR WEBSITE on it?!

What do you think is best to make sure people stay on my website, while not annoying the User with an old window that they no longer need?? :-/



Unless it’s a lightbox/thickbox/etc, I would NEVER include a close window button. Why duplicate already existing functionality?

Plus, you’re assuming their browser is set to open links like that in a new window - mine go to new tabs automatically per my browser settings.

I think this is one of those cases where you’re better off not trying to think for the user - let them decide how to proceed.

Fair enough.

But is my “design” annoying?

(I really don’t know how else to do things, since the link in the e-amil can’t pick up where the first browser window left off.)


Nope - in fact, that behavior is pretty much the “industry standard” for that type of transaction unless you have the challenge/response behavior, and even with those, they often result in a link being sent to be responded too. It’s not too many sites that will allow direct access in without some sort of email interaction.

Depending on what the site does, you may say: “A message has been sent to your e-mail address with instructions on how to Create a New Password. Please [visit the reset page].” or go back to the homepage.