Should I buy a desktop monitor or a television

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I was wondering about this, and didn’t find an appropriate forum like harware consulting, so posting it here.

I was thinking to buy a desktop, and found that the cheapest Dell monitors are coming at about 150 euros. Now this is also the price of the cheapest LED televisions. Wondering, since I can use my television also as a monitor, why I am buying a monitor and why not a television since prices are similar.

Anythink someone knows here that justifies buying a computer monitor and not a television for my desktop screen ?

Thanks for any comment.

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I think I got the reply from here :

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Yup, I wouldn’t use a TV for a Monitor. They are made to be seen from a distance and cause far too much eye strain up close.

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Yes right Mawburn thats another perspective as well.

I don’t know that all monitors would cause eye strain it depends entirely on the resolution. The biggest difference is that Televisions follow NTSC (in the US) standards and don’t offer multiple resolutions. If you have an OS which is highly customizable visually (like Linux) or has resolution independent display features then that may not be a concern. I know some people who have multiple monitor setups who wish they could just get a much larger display because using mulltiple monitors is awkward for them.

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