Should I add a Site Map to my website?

Should I add a Site Map to my website? I was told that a site map can help me get better rankings in Google. Is it true?

This has been posted many times before, although in short it makes sense to give Google access to all of your pages. A sitemap in itself will not improve your rankings.

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Out of interest, are you involved in SEO yourself? I ask because your homepage is a firm offering professional SEO services.

Site Map is a Important Part for Web Site Information, Because Site Map has All Info about web site URL’S. Also we Can Gives Priority for Search Engine Bots to Crawls Our Web Sites.

No sitemaps does not help to increase rankings it only helps in better crawling and fast indexing of new pages.

Yes, you need to add Sitemap to your website… It is very important for effective crawling.
In some cases HTML Sitemaps helps your users in easy navigation.

Also, when you update your content you need to submit Sitemap to tell the SEs that you have fresh content on your website. This invites spiders to crawl your website and rank you for the same.